BlueTeam – Supporting the Frontline
"BlueTeam has been fully embraced by the Seattle Police Department as part of our settlement agreement with the Department of Justice."
Seattle Police Department
“The Chain Routings enforce accountability at every level of the process..."
Western Australia Police
"…it was taking an average of 21 days for a Use Of Force report to make it through review. Now it's less than a week and in some instances …a couple of days."
Las Vegas Metro Police Department

Used by 550+ public safety agencies, BlueTeam is the premier platform in support of frontline documentation, supervisory oversight and organizational accountability

Consistent Documentation

Document uses-of-force, pursuits, firearm discharges, complaints, and other types of critical incidents

Streamlined Processes

Designed to simplify and assist – not to further complicate.

Ensuring Accountability

Incidents are forwarded through the chain-of-command for review and approval

Launching the next generation….

Built using enterprise-level technologies, the next generation of BlueTeam will offer an array of leading-edge features and capabilities, while retaining its ease-of-use.

BlueTeam NextGen will be released in 2019.

After a period of trial use at key customer sites, the entire BlueTeam customer base will then be upgraded.